Tuesday, July 28, 2009

FO Finally

I can't believe it myself, a finished project, and in record time. Originally I purchased this yarn for a long sleeve sweater, then I decided to make a sleeveless shell that had oddly enough lots of holes in it and after I completely finished knitting the sweater I thought it was dumb and unraveled the entire project. It took an hour just to rewind the yarn. Now it's a simple shell that started as a free pattern from the local yarn store (aka LYS, thanks deb), and morphed as I added waist shaping, finished the neckline and sleeves with a single crochet stitch and punched up the hem with a single crochet and scallop edge. I like everything about the sweater; it fits, although I do wish it were an inch or two longer, it is comfortable, it's for summer and it's still summer and it fits!!!! This is an easy project because it's all stockinette stitch, perfect for the car or kid invested afternoons.