Monday, March 2, 2009

Parkinson's Stories

The past few weeks have introduced so many new opportunities to help my husband with his Parkinson's. As I continue to meet people and share I discover information and stories that help us cope. What impresses me the most is how strangely I run into the stories.
Like meeting the 92 year old lady at an open house that I was hosting and hearing her stories of the healing miracles of Lourdes. I had forgotten all about Lourdes and there she was telling me how she had been 13 times and witnessed and heard of so very many stories. I laughed and shared how I have always wanted to go to Hawaii but maybe Lourdes should be my dream destination. I was so excited to hear her that I got chills from the possibility of all that Lourdes had to offer.
Every Wednesday I pray the Rosary with a group at my sons school. All very remarkable women and all praying for others needs which in many, many ways are so much more serious than my husbands. I'm talking about mothers dying who have three children in school, or teenagers committing suicide or Dad's diagnosed with brain tumors. It is both humbling and overwhelming to participate in such a group, but always in the voice of group prayer there grows a strength that is far beyond any hug or get well card. Hope and Peace bring great comfort to those who suffer the fates of others, knowing that there is so very little they can do. A lady in this group introduced us to a man who is being treated by an acupuncturist for Parkinson's and is currently off all medication. When I was given this news ( and I do feel like it was a gift), I felt so very blessed, almost as if God himself had talked to me.
In the beginning I was so very scared of the future of Parkinson's and what it would do to my husband, myself and my children, but now I feel a determined comfort that everything will be okay.
In the beginning I felt the situation was hopeless because Parkinson's is an incurable disease and my husband is a difficult patient but now I feel that searching for answers and being supportive is a great help.

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Kim said...

Well said and so inspiring. Finding your own peace opens you up to stories and solutions, etc. I hope you get to Lourdes. While it's hard to believe (and hard to bear sometimes), we're never given more than we can handle.