Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thermogram Update

Today I received the findings of my Thermogram done on Friday. According to the Thermographist there are no abnormal findings!
I am feeling very relieved and thankful.
Now I want to spread the news about Thermograms. All you big bloggers who have lots of readers - share this story. There are so many women struggling with this issue and they need to know about an alternative to mammograms. There need to know about a procedure that has no radiation, is non-invasive and not painful. Thermograms can detect growths up to ten years prior to mammograms. We need to get the HMO's to use Thermograms as a routine procedure.
Now that I have created a baseline of images I need to go in for yearly Thermograms. It's a little cold in the room but much better than the SPLAT test.


Kim said...

Yeah! That's awesome news. Thanks for spreading the word about Thermograms. I should get one as mammograms are so painful for me that I've put off the yearly smoosh for two years now

Sue said...

That's wonderful news! Congratulations and thank you for the information on thermograms.

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