Thursday, January 22, 2009

Planning my next move

I received two letters in the mail; one from my doctor and one from the insurance review board, both denying my request for a Thermogram. I am not surprised. Traditional medicine typically doesn't embrace alternatives. Chiropractory has for years been shunned by the medical profession but I have had amazing results - that would have take months to achieve with physical therapy, and know friends and family with similar stories. Yet, the standard practise for back injury, is to use physical therapy or medication. However, I am not discouraged, I now see this as an opportunity to begin the process of chipping away the resistance veneer and paving the way for progress. Both letters cited the investigational nature of Thermograms as a treatment for breast cancer. According to the review board, " It is not superior to standard therapy such as surgical biopsy". True. There is nothing that will give better and more accurate results than cutting into the breast and getting a sample. There are side effects to that option; possibility of spreading the cancer, increased exposure to radiation, and of course the pain and damage to the breast. Thermograms are not an option to surgery, however if they don't find anything on the images to indicate anything exists then it would seem unnecessary to have a biopsy. After all 70% of all mammogram discovered lumps are non-malignant.

At this point I can file an Independent Medical Review application. This is simply a complaint. I am certain this will be a long process.

I am very tempted to simply write a letter to Oprah. She's always looking for a story and this just might be something that would interest her. I don't really care about the $175 I spent. What I care about is spreading the information. As you might have noticed I begin this blog with the goal - to share. There is something in my nature that propels - compels me to share. I can't seem to be comfortable holding on to news that I feel would help someone. My little blog certainly won't spread this information to the level that is necessary, so I turn to the master. What could be more important that informing women ( and men!)that they have another resource to use for detecting breast cancer? Wouldn't you want to know?


Kim said...

You rock! Thanks for chipping away in the hope that it will help other women. I think you absolutely should send a letter to Oprah.

Haley said...

thanks for spreading the word. so glad you got good news with your results.