Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Prima Question

Being a new knitter I routinely learn things the hard way because I don't know enough to ask the right questions. Consequently, I have knitted the pattern backwards and had to rip. I have knitted the wrong size and had to rip. I have followed the directions wrong and had to rip, and I have followed the directions exactly and had to rip. I have begun to notice a theme in my knitting projects and in an effort to interrupt that pattern - and actually get an FO, I have tried to work more carefully.

What I have learned is that in the knitting world one cannot ask too many questions. In fact it is probably a very healthy attitude to question everything. I find myself constantly counting each row and reviewing the stitches for any mistakes and reading and re-reading the directions to understand what is to happen. Reading the entire pattern - even if I don't understand it , is also a good idea. I have read my "Free Pattern" from hence forth to be known as Prima - because it is Yarnhogs first hand-spun free pattern. Prima is a great pattern. A simple 4x2 rib knit pattern. I am knitting it with bamboo yarn that I absolutely love, love, love. It is so soft and silky and pretty that I can't wait to enjoy the experience of wearing it. An event that is sure to come soon since I am finished with the back and nearly done with the front. I only have one problem, a rather big problem. I don't know what to do next.

Here's where all you wonderful smarty experienced knitters rescue me.

The challenge-

The directions read -

Shape Neck-

Work across stitches to center of piece and divide for split collar. ( Did that )

Work each side separately until armholes measure 7.5', ending with WS. ( Did one side)

Next Row ; working each side separately, BO 7 sts. at each neck edge.

Since I split the piece I am wondering do I BO in the middle - which would be at the V, or on the ends which would be on the sides. 7 stitches is a lot to BO.

Do you see where my needle is? Do I back off stitches there?

Yeah I now I may have put too much thought into this but after ripping my previous project 3 times I'm more comfortable waiting for the answer than taking the plunge.


Maureen said...

My guess....
Work the second side exactly as the first. Once you've gotten to the point on side 2 that you currently are on side 1, bind off seven stitches on each side 1 and side 2.

But to be sure - I'd defer to the expert (Yarnhog) ;)

I look forward to seeing you proudly wearing your FO!

yarndork said...

Are you sure those last 2 directions weren't supposed to be done at the same time? Meaning that, after you divide and start in on the second ball for the other side, as you're working up for however many inches it said, you're supposed to bind off those stitches little by little to make the V shape at the neck?

But, if in doubt, ask the designer or someone else who's made it already what they did.

Shameka said...

The bind off stitches should happen at the neck edge, which is the same edge that is beginning the V. The outer edges of the sweater would be the armhole edge. I hope this helps. On another note, to avoid stair-step decreases, slip the first stitch that will be bound off instead of knitting it. This will produce a more even slope.

Deborah-- said...

The binding stitches off when working around the neck has always thrown me for a loop. The trick for me to remember which end gets the bind-off's is, which part of the sweater will be touching your neck? That is the neck edge that gets those stitches bound off.