Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mail Theft

It's a normal day nothing particularly exciting happening; take the kids to school, pay some bills, wash clothes, and then something unbelievable happens. A car pulls up to your house, the passenger jumps out, opens your mailbox and grabs your mail. You can't believe what you saw, you rush downstairs and run outside but they are gone. You've been robbed in the middle of the day while you watched and the thief never had to open your front door. But he got away with much more than your T.V. or your Grandmas jewelry, he got all your personal information - he stole your identity.
Two of my neighbors had their mail stolen this week. Evidently the thieves made their first of the month rounds in my neighborhood and left everyone stunned. One neighbor didn't watch the event but after hearing the story decided to check his bank statement and learned that the check he had put in the mail had been stolen and washed and cashed - in one day.
This is a growing problem in our society and serious issue. Identity theft can affect your personal, business and financial worlds for a long time. Prevention is the best remedy.
Here are a few tips -
1. Don't put mail in your mailbox for the letter carrier to pick-up.
2. Get a locking mailbox that has a special compartment the mail drops into and can only be accessed by a key.
Most stories like this have little importance until they hit home and then they become too close to dismiss. This is the time you don't make excuses or pretend that it could never happen to you. This is the time you buy a little piece of mind. Take a close look at your mail box; is it mounted on a weak post that could easily be knocked down. I have heard stories where thieves take the entire mailbox to get the mail.
Please pass this story along because it is worth sharing.


Stephanie said...

That is super scary. I have had mail stolen before, but what makes it really hard is you don't know what came that day! I think its horrible that we now have to worry about these kinds of things.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

That is terrible! I can't believe it....

I guess I shouldn't complain that my mailbox is a locked one on the corner....WOW

Krissy said...

My parents had a check stolen and washed from their outgoing mail. I've always gone to the Post Office or mailed from work where we say hello to the Post Lady when she picks up our mail. It's scary that you can't even mail something without worrying that someone might steal it.

Deborah-- said...

This is uterally terrible! I can't believe (well actually I can) someone would be so bold as to steal your mail like that. Amazing that you witnessed it too. I guess I feel fortunate to be living in a city where my mail is delivered to a locked box and the only way to send something in the mail is to drop it off at the post office. Guess I just need to worry about the digruntled postal workers.

nicole said...

Wow, it never really sinks in until it happens to you!

My company offers a line of locking mailboxes just for this reason. We're working hard to spread the word about the frequency of mail theft and identity fraud. Our mailboxes help give you that piece of mind that your incoming mail is secure.

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