Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How'd they do that?

I love sweater coats. They seem so yummy soft to look at and I just love the feeling of being all wrapped up in wonderful soft yarn. I have found a few for sale that I like, but I always return them because the yarn is cheap acrylic no matter what price I pay. I found this one in a catalog called, Body Central. It's like a cousin of Victoria's Secret, but less underwear. I ordered a blouse from them once and a large would have fit an 8 yr, so I only look at the pretty pictures. Anyway, I really like this coat. It's the perfect length and the design is both casual and classy at the same time. I could wear this with jeans or slacks to the office. I love it, but I don't think the yarn quality is up to my newly trained awareness. Even though I am definitely a novice knitter or as I affectionately call myself a 'baby knitter', I started looking at the coat and decided that I could figure the pattern out. Doesn't that look like a popcorn stitch? Well maybe not.
Anyway here's the challenge. Can anyone figure out how to knit this coat? I'm a small, and I need very detailed instructions. Also, I don't really want the shawl collar to be so big - actually I think the design would be greatly improved and more timeless to have it a more traditional size - maybe just to the edge of the shoulders.
Here's the link to the catalog page where you could get a close-up of the coat and a back picture.
Much thanks and a Starbucks card to the knitter with the know how.
P.S. Tell a friend. I want to have fun with this idea.


km said...

I'm sure some knitters could think of something like that. I think given the time and the desire, even I could figure something like that out. But, my brain is overworked and so I give you this. Try a pattern with a similar look. I like this one... http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/mrs-cbs-camp-jacket

Deborah said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! I like your idea for the modification to the collar. I agree with km, I would look for a similiar pattern right now if you are looking for something to knit soon. The pattern on this sweater looks like something that could definitely be figured out given some time. Love the back! I understand what you like about it.

Olga said...

I went and had a looky at the coat and ....good luck with that! It's beyond my meager skills.Just looking at the shaping on the back hem gives me pause.