Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Cheese , PLEASE

It used to be that when you ordered a burger you had to request cheese. It was an extra ten cents. Now no matter what window you pull up to the voice always says, Would you like cheese with that? I know all about up- sales and how employees need to meet quotas. I understand the value of service and giving the customer what he wants but I Don't want cheese, or should I say, I don't want a piece of process food product that looks and taste more like plastic blow dried onto my burger. I specifically said - no cheese, I repeated at the end of my order, Please, no cheese, yet what do I get - Cheese. Gooey icky yellow stuff. Yuck that is not cheese, no matter how much they want to believe it is. I know what real cheese taste and looks like - it's creamy and yummy and soft and not shiny.

So, anyway there I was at the speaker box calmly declining cheese on my burger, fries or pie, but what do I get - CHEESE. I checked the burger and cried out - NOOOOOOOO. Three hunger boys, one starving woman and disgusting slimy fake cheese staring back at us like a yellow goo. No longer calm and with great angst I stepped-up to the window and said, " You got my order wrong. I said NO cheese and I got cheese on everything, look it's even stuck to the bag. You also over charged me". Please fix this and fix it fast.

Now usually I don't encourage fast food restaurants to work even faster. It just doesn't seem right to ask over stressed, underpaid, usually ESL employees to work faster. Besides I would rather wait and give them the chance to get it right. But, I was hungry so I push and anyway I got my food and left and we ate and everyone agreed that from now on we go to In-N-Out for burgers 'cause they have like a hundred people working there and they know how to get orders right and I think they use real cheese.

Thanks I needed that!


yarndork said...

Sometimes you just have to rant. Now that you're done, go have some chocolate. Or alpaca.

Krissy said...

I'm totally with you on the processed food product. I started telling them that I am allergic to dairy products and they seem to get it right then.

The only cheese I eat is the cheese I buy with a big o' Made In California sticker.