Saturday, June 14, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals 2008

Love this new contest I found via Not much of a Knitter ( who of course really is). This is a contest that inspires, motivates, rewards and everyone wins. For the mere price of posting my summer knitting goals I get a chance to win a fun kit for a simple sweater complete with yarn and knitting bag.
Here goes -

1. Finish Isdora, also known as Knit lace border top
2. Finish 'Free Pattern' project.
3. Name 'Free Pattern' project
4. Cast on shawl.

That's it. Summer is only 90 days and that will be plenty for me to knit. I already have a bunch of home improvement and gardening projects on the 'to do' list plus with the kids home from school I'll be plenty busy.


sophanne said...

I most definitely needed the reminder that summer is only 90 days. I must shorten my knitting "to do" list for sure. I've planned enough for 900 days!

Deborah said...

Love the list. It is extremely reasonable to do, especially since one of them is technically not "knitting", just naming, even more manageable for ya!

Sohpanne - You continue to crack me up even through your comments on someone else's blog!

Mary Beth said...

My main summer goal is to survive my one day a week job. It's a real bear.(I clean beach rentals...think very hard, very icky, that needs to be made very rentable & lovely. I always come home with who knows who's DNA!)