Sunday, June 1, 2008

A New Beginning

I have finally learned, through trail and error, how to knit the second sleeve, and alas I have learned the first sleeve is all wrong. Which means that first sleeve will become second sleeve very soon.

The problem is that I can't follow directions, or maybe that I can't read, or maybe that the pattern was poorly written, or probably my husband's fault ( 'cuz he says he gets blamed for everything). Either way I am now happily knitting and dreaming (once again) of how wonderful it will be to wear this beautiful sweater.

The lace pattern on the bottom of the sweater and sleeves is really, really pretty and actually fun to knit. Funny or not funny that I am having all my troubles with the ST st.

I have a theory that knitting is a metaphor for your life. It goes something like this -

When all is well; husband good, children clean and fed, house clean, money $$ and hair okay, then knitting proceeds in an orderly fashion. The yarn stays on the needles when it is supposed to and slips off again when it should. Your hands and yarn and needles act in unison, like a dance and almost as if by magic an image appears that absolutely delights you.

When all is not well; husband yucky, children noisy and hungry, house messy, no money and hair wars, then knitting does not work in fact, Nothing works.

If the metaphor holds to be true then I am about to begin a very nice change.


sophanne said...

Hooray for persistence, determination, and sticking it out. And when all else fails in sleeve world, Hooray for Vests.

Deborah said...

Knitting, as with many other things in life, is about Trial and Error. What's important is that you noticed something was wonky with the sleeve. Having to redo it will just make you more practiced. I have frogged many a time from learning. Fantastic for keeping with it. Look forward to seeing it all done. Love your metaphors with knitting. BTW, good progress on your running!

yarndork said...

That's odd. I think my life works the exact opposite. Then again, I am pretty opposite. When everything else in my life is falling apart, it's my knitting that is the only thing working right.

Krissy said...

That is a nice thought on life. Well good luck getting both the sleeves just right.

Olga said...

I have a sweater that may have four sleeves cuz I keep goofing up, of 'corse now it lives under my bed.....and really, I hope I die first so I never have to see it again.