Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh Dear

A Young Artist Impression of My day

Here is a message from my son B -
Dear, dearest, dearestful family of dear, dearest souls that have dear thoughts, that are dearest to them in the dear ways, that are dear to them, in all dear ways dear things that can be dear to the dear people of the dearest household full of the dearest people in my family, Hi B

He loves to make me laugh :)

This message came at the end of such a dear day.

It all began at 6am when I rose to prepare to take my son to his orthodontist appointment at 7:30. Everything went very well I even got food in the crock pot for my famous Italian herb chicken. Yummy . I am now filled with the power of having fixed breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family all before 7 am. I am Woman.

We arrive early to our appointment only to discover that no one is there. The doors are locked and the lights are turned off. We shall wait I say to my son. He says he is feeling sick. I carefully finish my crossword puzzle. My son nearly glows with pride when he is able to fill in one space. I am glowing with pride too.

At 7:37 I decide to call the office. Answering machine message states, " We open at 9am on Thursday". WHAT. Oh yeah. I messed up. My appointment is tomorrow on Friday. Well, NO big deal I just go home with sick son and get ready for my next appointment at 9.

Everything is going very nicely I run multiple errands with great style and success. Later that afternoon I begin my pilgrimage to retrieve all my children and a few extras from their many schools. School one is 12 miles to the west, school two is 15 miles to the east. Woman A is in the middle. I do this everyday - no problem.

I am waiting in line at school two, I turn my engine off to not waste my precious almost $4 a gallon gas and then a few seconds later when the line starts to move I turn the key and NOTHING. No noise, no sound, no purr, no humm, nothing. I turn the key again, and again and again. There is now a very long line behind me and no one in front of me. I feel the increasing angst of the waiting moms behind me. Moms who are tired and hot and tired and hungry. I almost panic. I wave the cars past me and look back with my best sweet smile only to discover the lady behind me is clueless. She is on her cell phone and chatting away. A teacher is now running at me. I am cool thanks to my decision to start taking two St. John's Wort pills every day. I feel completely calm . I put the car in neutral. The P.E. teacher he-man pushes the car to the side. I lock the doors - cause I wouldn't want anyone to steal my car that doesn't move. I call my husband.

Honey I can't start the car and I am in the carpool line. Immediately He understands the seriousness of the problem.

I'm leaving right now.

I walk down to get the kids. I return with the great expectation that all mechanical problems will have disappeared and I will be back in the drivers seat. I turn the key - Nothing. I turn the key - Nothing , I turn the key - nothing. Why isn't this working? I fix a lot of things by pretending that they're not really broken. The mind or matter thing is one of my things. OK. Call husband again. He says he will be there in 10 minutes.

I then turn the key - the car starts.

I Am Woman Hear Me Roar!!!!

Dear, Dearest, Dearestful people tomorrow is another day.


Good Yarns said...

that was the most delightful blog post I have read in a long time. thanks for the smile.

Deborah said...

Oh my what a day you had! Loved the dearest dear. Definitely put a smile on my face. The car must have had a tempermental moment and wanted to see your reaction. Kudos for remaining calm.

Olga said...

OOO don't you just hate it when your car dies in the drop off lane??! Those women almost go postal with the frustration- yeah- I'm guilty of behaving that way!
heh heh, I've been busted. Need more compassion.

Krissy said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I've had a bad experience with dropping kids off at school. I was a new driver and my parents car would apparently back up with the brake on, but not go forward. It took me 15 minutes to figure that out. Man did I get a lot of dirty looks that morning.

Me7of11 said...

I SO relate with that thing about fixing breakfast, lunch, AND dinner before 7AM. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world!

As for your car--get it looked at. Probably a loose battery connection.