Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When you Know something is NOT right

About a week ago I finally got my mail order prescription that I was a week late reordering. I immediately popped one of those sweet babies and thought ah, that'll cure those raging hot flashes, but wait something is different. I looked at the pills and thought these aren't the same, but the bottle said,

"This is the same medication you have been getting, color, size or shape may appear differently"

Well, now okay. I continue taking the pills but with that tender voice in the back of my head saying"

This is not the same medicine.

Last night I woke 3 times completely drenched, throwing blankets off and drinking water only to suffer a wave of chills. My head hurt, my body was shaking, I was weak, I was crying and I felt like throwing up and then it really hit me -

This is not the same medicine.

This morning I called the pharmacy completely ready to be told what an idiot I was and that they were the same pills, but a miracle happened, I spoke with a real person and you know what he told me -

This is not the same medicine

Yeh - I know I feel terrible.

I knew it the minute I opened that bottle and saw those little pale purple pills. What happened to the green round ones? The ones that work like magic and make me feel alive again. I stared at the bottle only to read,

"This is the same medication you have been getting, color, size or shape may appear different"

Lies, all lies.

I felt vindicated that I have triumphed over the written word and that indeed I was right but now I felt ANGRY. Who messed up my order? Who sent me the wrong pills? I remembered a great 60 minutes show on how prescription drugs are filled by robots and that it is much safer because it's all done by computers and programmed - BY A HUMAN.
I called my doctors office, pushed 1 for English, 1 for my doctor, and 4 to speak to someone about a prescription refill, waited the mandatory 15 minutes that felt like 45 and spoke with Vicky.
Vicky has a sweet soft voice and she sounds so nice that no one would ever get mad at her. She is great at her job. She is going to pull my chart and call me right back. Oh No.
The phone rings, it's Vicky. Sure enough my prescription WAS and now ITS and somehow IT was refilled with the WAS instead of the ITS and no problem she'll fax and call right away,
--- Is there anything else I can help you with?
Ah wait a minute - I'm supposed to let you know that these mistakes can't be tolerated because I could have had a heart attack and died last night, leaving three children and a helpless husband, and the rest of the world without my services and IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!
---No. Thank you very much. When can I pick-up my medicine?
---Wait about an hour and call first.

I stared at the bottle again thinking, how can I prevent this from ever happening again -
Check the bottle with the old bottle
File the prescription refill orders AND VERIFY with the new order.

Dear sweat little voice in the back of my head I need you to


patrice said...

That is too scary!! I hope that the correct stuff will straighten you out quickly w/out any lingering not-feeling-good effects. And isn't that always the case, where politeness wins out over yelling at someone?
Feel better soon,

Tammy said...

Yikes! Time to switch pharmacies!

Kristin said...


Kim said...

HOly crap! That is frightening! How awful for you! I'm not sure I would have handled the situation as calmly and as well as you did. Why in the world would the bottle say that the pills may look differnt but they are the same? Sounds like some drug company/pharmacy is setting itself up for a lawsuit!

Olga said...

and now you must resell those on the streets and make some moola!ha ha ha. Just kidden. When my kids had strep I asked for generic meds and the docsaid sure, but when I got the meds I saw it was the name brand and normally cost 92 bucks! Sheesh! and now I know our insurance is gonna sqawk over that! I should of checked when I went to the drug store but I wasn't thinking about it till I got home.

Deborah said...

Unfortunately I think this happens more often than not. I have a prescription that every now and then gets that little label and I always inspect the meds closely. I have a good one though. I got a prescription refill a couple of months ago that my doc's office called in for me. The milligram dosage I have been taken for 2 years is 25 milligrams. Somehow when I picked up the refill the milligrams were doubled. The person who typed in the refill on the pharamcy end nicely entered 50. Thank god this wasn't something that could kill me. Scary stuff. Hope everything smooths out and calms down and gets you back to normal soon!

Me7of11 said...

Holy Crap is RIGHT! HOLY CRAP!! Your post just rocked my world. I can honestly say I'm going to start paying a lot closer attention to my (and my family's)medications!