Thursday, April 3, 2008

And The Winner Is...

Sorry for the late announcement. I just jetted in and ran straight to my computer to grab a random integer ( that is where there are isn't it?) so that I could end this long drawn out silliness.

But first I really must say what a wonderful group of fun gals you bloggers are. I thank, thank, thank, thank you for playing along with my contest to honor bad yarn and funny colors and of course knitting.

To recap the fun- it all started in a far off land of intrigue and mystery where one lady bedazzled us all and stunned herself by buying, man-made yarn in a wonderful shade of shocking yellow. Yellowy orangy yellow or more precisely - Kraft Mac and cheese color. With all the chatter about macaroni buttons and cheesy hues my appetite picked up and there I was grating cheese and stirring up my own M&C. In the never ending quest to find something to write about I ran with the idea and posted my recipe. Sophanne stepped it up a notch by suggesting the contest and well the rest is history.
The winner is KmKat, who is on her own winning streak because she won her election. Congratulations. And don't forget you get some lovely yarn from Sophanne's stash.
It really makes me sad that I can't make everyone a winner but wait - maybe I can. If you would like your own autographed box of Kraft macaroni and Cheese then please send me your address and I will mail it off ASAP. Dinner is on the house. Hope you got that bad joke. He he.


sophanne said...

Woo Hoo! What fun- email kmkat's snail mail info- I'll include the promised prize (which is more of a "booby" prize) and I'll find a matching mac n cheeze prize from the good stuff at knit night.

blts AT alltel (Dot)) net

Kristin said...

Yaa to kmkat!!
It was a really good contest.

punkin said...

Congratulations kmkat! This was fun.

Thanks for stopping by. You are so right - eventually, I will probably end up paying a lot of money for a lazy kate and use it only a few times a year.

dinner on the house... ha ha ha!

Olga said...

ooo that Kmkat is one lucky lucky dawg!!!! Congrats to her!