Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whooping cough Alert

My second son has been kinda sorta diagnosed with whooping cough. I say kinda sorta because it is extremely hard to diagnose usually only by default. I have been to the doctor twice now and they have actually called me at home to discuss the situation. For months now extra large child #2 has been coughing. In my best parenting and nursing skills I have told him to please cover his mouth. Then I tried to get him to take cough medicine but they haven't invented a palpable syrup that my dear 12 yo will swallow. I don't know why kids think it should taste good. It's medicine!! Anyway after I recovered from that episode and cleaned the floor I gave up on Delsyn and NyQuil. Actually I took a swig so I could sleep.
Now son is coughing really hard. He bends over and makes loud noises and is suffering. So he gets another day off school and I take him to the doctor again. This time steroid inhaler and some medicine that ends in -syn. After 5 days he is supposed to be better - only he's not. That's when they ( doctors one, two and three - cause I have an HMO or PPO or whatever but certainly not access to good health care) start talking Whooping Cough only they call it Pertussis, same thing just the fancy doctor name. All my children were immunized. I suffered the five year trek to the doctor and got my yellow card properly completed. Now here's the kicker that I need to share -

Even though you may have immunized your child at around 10 -12 years old the antibodies wear off and you need to get a booster shot. Well I learned that the hard way but you don't have to suffer. Get ye to the doc and get that pre-teen a shot or else suffer a cough that sounds like they are trying to hack-up a small internal organ. FYI this usually happens at the dinner table and seems to go great with meat mush or hamburger helper.
It lasts a long, long, time and it's painful so it's worth the trouble. Good luck.


sophanne said...

Excellent psa. I've got several students who are clearly having similar issues with even less adequate health care and less concerned parents. Tuesday's 4th grade sounded like some sort of medical ward.

km said...

I remember having the boosters to all my shots as I entered High School. So, I was 14? And now they need them younger? WOnder what it will be when my little ones get there. But I'm still not done with the 5 years on kid 3. 5 years has really turned into 8 or 9...and by that time kid 1 will be back in the office for round 2. Sheesh. But, I'd rather that then something painful. Thanks

patrice said...

So sorry about #2 son - with so many bugs going around right now it's easy to assume that it is just that last cold symptom lingering on. I would never have thought that it could be whooping cough either, assuming that the vaccination oh-so-long ago is still good. I just checked and my older kids (17, 14) did get a booster in middle school, so I guess we should be okay for that. Their most recent shots/boosters have been for Hep A and meningitis (looking forward to the time that they are packed like sardines into the dorms at college, a veritable petri dish of shared germs I guess!). But at least we are trying to keep the kids inoculated, so we don't have to go through the scare like the parents of the kids exposed to measles last month. Hope the inhaler, etc helps him feel better soon.

MRS MJW said...

i do so wish i'd seen this post of yours before. i know some excellent remedies for whooping cough symptoms.

thanks for another nice comment on my blog.

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