Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Garage Sale and Spring Fever

It was a busy and exciting weekend as I worked and completed my first neighborhood garage sale. In yet another effort to make myself and my services known ( I'm a Realtor) to the community, I organized a garage sale. Now this was no small undertaking. A little over a month ago I finished my first newsletter and I went to each house (242) rang their doorbell and introduced myself. Refer to A Dog Story for more fun details. After that I made another flyer ($71.46) and passed it out to each house. I also sent out the flyer to all my dear neighborhood Bunco friends. I ran ads in the Pennysaver both online and print and on Craigslist. Three days before the sale I posted four signs on strategic corners ( see Good Luck for more details) and on the morning (6:30am) of the sale I posted two more large signs, 12 directional arrow signs and 9 balloons. The end result was 15 houses had garage sales, the neighborhood was swarming with cars and people, and I met a lot of people. It was actually fun.

I was very happy that the weather was absolutely beautiful on the day of my big event. it's spring in San Diego and once again the long dark days of winter are over and I have got the fever. Spring Fever. Want to see
The flowers are blooming everywhere and I've got the urge to work in the garden. Here's what I hope to finally conquer -
This lovely bare spot has been planted four or five times. The last time I thought I had won but then I found crab grass and I got the bright idea to spray some killer that clearly stated it would only work on crab grass. Wrong, it kills everything and certainly not all the grass. Consequently, at least three flats of plants and hours of work were destroyed. But I haven't given up hope yet. As soon as the nursery can grow some decent plants for me I shall climb my mountain and replant.

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