Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Dog Story

Saturday was a very interesting and challenging day.
Part one -
My daughter volunteered to man the phone lines for the Humane Societies telethon. At first I was sorely disappointed to see that they had not recognized my daughters greatness and she was not the host. How could they be so silly as to select a local television personality and the Humane societies president to chair the event. We want to see - Lauren. When she made her appearance - back row to the right - we all cheered and hoped with great expectation that the show would finally take a turn for the better. Well it did, dear daughter managed to grab her spotlight - a whole 8 seconds of air time when she phoned in her own pledge. Way to go girl.
After that we turned off the T.V.

Part 2 - I walked the neighborhood for five hours going door-to-door handing out flyer's about my community garage sell that I am sponsoring. Rising to the challenge of ringing strangers doorbells and then giving my pitch was brave enough but coping with the never ending barking and barrage of dogs was almost unbearable.
At one particular door the dog managed to escape his owners leg hold - you know the move where you barely open the door and use one foot to block the dog from tearing into the pour harmless victim at the door. Well it didn't work this time and very large dog with growling teeth ran out. I screamed my city girl head off and pressed up against the wall. I understand now that this is not the correct move to make. Owner ran out apologizing and grabbed dog who had no collar on and once again managed to come after me. On the verge of tears and a near heart attack I made my best defensive move and shut my eyes as tight as possible - because if your going to be eaten alive it's better to not see the first bite. Owner finally managed to calm dog down - which he claimed during the entire incident was very friendly and I resumed my pitch. After I calmed down and I looked at the dog who was now waging his tail. I looked at the owner and asked, "So I got to know what is your dogs name?" he smiled and said, "Angel"
In my best recovery line to date I said, " Yes, of course he's completely white".
Too much fun.

What I learned - I am never going to answer my door without properly securing my friendly dog. It's just not nice. I hope you share my challenge.


Kristin said...

My dog gets so crazy when he sees the postal carrier and barks his fool head off. We take care to make sure he is always in the house during mail time but I feel so terrible. The mail folks must need counseling from all those dogs barking at them.

sophanne said...

Dogs bark at people? Liza just runs and hides so far!

Me7of11 said...

I find it very effective to also raise your arms and shake them while you're screaming and crumbling into a pile. I call it my hallalujah dance. Show me a snake and I'll show you my hallalujah dance!