Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Phone Call

Just when you think that you've got it all figured out and everything is running smoothly, life throws you a curve --
Yesterday morning my son was in a car accident. The driver - a 17 year boy rear ended a truck and completely totaled his car. The truck was barely scratched. The air bags never deployed. My son was riding in the back seat and he is okay. About 7:30, the time of morning I cherish because everyone has made their exit and I can finally sit down to breakfast and peace and quite. We got a phone call from our 2nd son who said, " I think Andrew was in a car accident".
Now that's a fun phone call. It made my heart skip a beat. I called immediately. He said he was fine but his heart was beating fast. 15 year olds are always Cool. I drove down and there he was standing on the sidewalk near the wrecked car. A police car with all it's lights flashing was parked almost in the middle of the street. Glass and broken car parts were everywhere and of course all the passing cars slowed to stare. I got the boys - driver had to stay and drove them to school. Both passengers never saw the other car. My son looked down to get something from his bag pack and the other boy was doing his homework.
To off set the damage done to the morning and since we were already late I bought them breakfast at Carl's. The boys got to school only 10 minutes late.
What I learned
1. Life can change in a minute. My son gets-up at the last minute and runs out the door. I never even said good-bye that morning.
2. Life goes on. No matter what happens.
3. Experience is the best teacher. My son learned a big lesson about safe driving.

The end result is I now have to figure out how to drive one boy 12 miles west and at the same time drive two other boys 12 miles east twice a day for the rest of the year. As I was allowing myself to sink into this problem I ran across inspiration -
A statue of Cesar Chavez stands at the top of the stairs ( 94 steps) to my old college written beneath in bronze letters is ,"Si se puede"
Which means, " It can be done"


km said...

I'll go hug my little ones. It's crazy how quickly all of life can change. I know you'll find a way...but it's so crazy to be mom and be pulled in so many different directions.

Maureen said...

Glad to hear your son and his friends are okay.

It never seems to end, does it? Whether they're infants, toddlers, teens or young adults...

Yarnhog said...

Oh, how scary! I'm so glad Andrew is okay!