Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do you Read?

I have finally finished designing and creating my first newsletter. I am quite pleased with the results but during its infancy I asked for my daughters help who obliged and made some very nice changes but then told me, "Mom no one reads anymore. People throw away magazines and newspapers that they pay for. Who do you think is going to bother to read your newsletter?"

Aw the brutal truth, so clean and sharp that I was completely unprepared to retort. She was right. I order Time magazine and usually read one article (people or music) and then I let it sit on the coffee table for about 10 days at which point I either get tired of seeing the cover or I get a new one so I throw it away. If I'm not going to bother to read Time magazine with all its professional writers and well researched articles then who is going to read my little freebie newsletter?

It took me a week to think this one through. And then it struck me -

I read. I read lots of stuff. I'm always reading. I read email, I read newspapers, I read books and I read blogs, lots of blogs. Blogs about everything, knitting, quilting, kidding, cooking, cleaning, painting - I read about what other people are doing with their lives and I like it.
Maybe the reason why I don't read Time magazine from cover to cover ( although I frequently look at all the pictures) is because I'm not interested in anything it has to say. Not to say that I'm not interested in world affairs and all that stuff but really you can only take so much and then, then you gotta go read a blog, a nice juicy, sweet blog about stuff. Blogs about people and their stuff or children.

With that thought in mind I ask all you wonderful bloggers, Do you read?" or more specifically Do you read the stuff that people leave on you doorstep?


sophanne said...

Or maybe you don't like the take that Time takes on those world events.

I read what comes to my door- Community College brochures, news of the school system where we live- news of the school system where I teach. I read better on paper than I do on-line. Fear not- if you deliver, they will read.

Kristin said...

I read almost everything. I avoid current affairs (newspapers, Time..), flyers though I do read the ones for the grocery stores. I get a few newsletters in the mail that I enjoy.

Tammy said...

I read my Bible, books, & blogs mainly. I get a few magazines that hardly get touched (except Interweave Knits... which I don't really read as much as admire).

Honestly, I rarely even glance at the stuff left on my doorstep or junk in my mail. But that's just me. My parents are in the biz, and I know it has worked for them.

Stephanie M said...

I read magazines and things but it takes me a long time to get through them...

yarndork said...

I love to read! I admit though, I do prefer the paper to the computer. I like to have something to hold in my hands. I like to read in bed and while eating and while taking a bath, and those are not too condusive to having a computer near-by. I even have been known to read the Harriet Carter catalogs when there's nothing else around.