Wednesday, January 16, 2008

To be a sleeve or not to be a sleeve

This is the second sleeve to my beautiful sweater. I know it doesn't look like a sleeve but it should because I have knitted it 3 times. It is a very stubborn sleeve that simply refuses to cooperate. In my novice state of knitting I have now learned that it turns out there are external forces that must be in proper alignment in order for a project to be completed. Things like biorhythms, hormones and feng shui do effect ones knitting ability. There really is such a thing as a knitting goddess (but I'm Catholic!) that I must acknowledge and that no matter how determined/ stubborn you are there are times when you must simply let a project rest for a while. I did and now I have returned with a new calm and everything is going okay. I am on row 23 of the lace pattern. Only 8 rows until I have conquered the challenge and I move into safe knitting ( St st) I admit I am nervous but I believe in the 3rd times a charm idea.

In the mean time I received my new yarn. Which I am happy to report looks just like the picture when I ordered it.

Rowans all season cotton yarn in #208 called Glad. To be used for "FREE PATTERN". At this point I don't dare predict a start date. I thought I was going to be finished with "lace" for Thanksgiving. Either way I hope the goddess of knitting will be with me tonight... because Ive got to knit.

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