Thursday, January 31, 2008

Food for Thought

Technical problems and huge time restraints have kept me from posting for almost a week now. Why must it be soo difficult to post a picture? (3 times the pictures came out sideways.) Although I admit that half the problem was finding the time to take the picture. Without further ado I present my new refrigerator, complete with food, magnets and the requisite prize winning report card. Yes my new stainless steel refer accepts magnets (very, very small & lightweight). Notice the big smiley face!!

After throwing away three kitchen trash bags of food, (only to discover later that same day that a neighbor has a full freezer sitting in her garage and could have easily taken my food in. Note to self - ALWAYS trust your instincts), and scrubbing all the grimey ickey stuff that grows under and around the hidden recesses of a parked ice box, and waiting 3 hours for the delivery men to arrive - I now have a bright and shiny new refrigerator and God willing I hope that it
lasts a very, very, long time.

I have not one, not two but three doors. The lastest efforts in energy efficiency require a step backwards when most freezers were on the bottom. Mine has a twist or shall I say a tilt involved because when the bottom door is slid out the door tilts forward to allow for easy retrieval. It's great. I can see everything inside - so very nice and neat. Love it and highly recommend it. The top has two doors with ice and water in the door.

Moving right along ---

On that very same day I went to see the Pilgrim Virgin Mary statue. For anyone who is not Catholic or Christian the significance and importance of this statue may be a bit difficult for you to understand, but please allow me to try. Have you ever enjoyed the beauty of a sunset and felt a special feeling of peace as you stood in the glory of the orange glow? Have you ever admired a painting and felt inspired from the artist's work? Do you have a special item - doll, knick knack, quilt or piece of furniture that has been handed down to you and everytime you touch or see that item you have warm feelings of the person who owned it? If you can take a moment to conjure up any of these images than maybe you will begin to understand the statue or why when it travels from city to city hundreds (maybe thousands) line up to see it. I have been able to see the statue twice in my life. I saw it for the first time over 17 years ago. At the time I didn't know much about the statue and when I saw it I could only marvel at the craftmenship and glowing beauty of the statue. Since that visit I have read all three of the books that it's guardian - Louis Kazmeric has written. He writes about the miracles that are attibuted to the statue. Hard to believe? Well yes. We all have problems believing in anything that is intangible and unexplanable. It's easy for me to believe because so very much of life is completely unexplainable to me. I only had a few minutes (because I had to be home at 1:45 to meet the delievery man who didn't show for 3 hours) I said my prayers, I wrote out my petitions and I took pictures.
In knitting news I still struggle to finish the second sleeve. I am now knitting the sleeve cap for the 2nd time. Fortunately, the rows are short and the knitting goes quickly, are shall I say the errors become evident sooner. Either way I have very little hope that the sweater will fit because I have failed to check my guage as often as I should ( is one time OK?).


Kristin said...

Great fridge! Just as well to clean it out, I have things lurking in my fridge and freezer for who knows how long!!

Tammy said...

What a great new fridge! My husband keeps saying he's going to replace all our appliances when he re-does our kitchen. I'm not holding my breath.

Mrs MJW said...

Hi Janet. Yes, I've had four totally unassisted. Thanks for your comment. Your blog is pretty. Take Care! Smile.

sandra said...

Thank you for the photo of the Virgin Mary. I am not Catholic and have never heard of it, but she certainly is beautiful. What is the Saint of knitting, I wonder?