Monday, December 10, 2007

The Morning Shuffle

This morning has been a time when I think that Homeschoolers have out smarted all of us. They don't have to go through the morning struggle of extracting children from their warm beds and getting them dressed, washed, brushed, fed and out the door with a lunch (the lunch that of course no matter what you create usually gets thrown away because they want to play). They don't have to find yet another creative and entertaining way to wake the dead and lure them out of their coffins. They don't have to sign permission slips that were hidden inside the backpack, find overdue library books, homework or socks at 7:15 in the morning. Morning must be a peaceful time in homeschoolers houses. I can just imagine how the children calmly and happily come down to breakfast where they eat a nutritious meal (not a breakfast bar, breakfast shake or an orange in the car). After breakfast they all go upstairs to BRUSH THEIR TEETH, then they simply open their drawers and closets and get dressed - not yell out Mom " I can't find my pants - bottom drawer, where they always are" They begin the day by delicately transitioning into the morning routine with serene voices and soft music.

Later in the day Homeschoolers avoid the dreaded carpool event - where in our great wisdom Mothers pack extra kids into their cars at a time of day when children should have no interaction with adults. If it weren't difficult enough to navigate the ever challenging "pick-up line" at school - which for me is what I affectionately call the "Loopty Loop" because I have to go through 2 lines, we then have to survive the noise and chaos of driving 6 children home from school. There must be some kind of explosion that goes off in a child's mind when they hear the final bell ring at school (which at my children's school should be outlawed as cruel and unusual punishment to the eardrums), because when my kids board the van they change - ah the big, big change the one that their teachers have been circumventing all day long. The change where the subdued controlled almost robot like child, who carefully obeyed all the rules all day long can take it no longer, because at this time of day they have to scream, 'I'm a child and I need freedom" Well, okay I can understand that, I felt like screaming this morning, but not in my car, not in a closed environment, not in traffic. In my futile effort to manage the noise I feed them and then I end up with crumbs and wrappers all over my car, but I still believe the trade off is worth it.

I am certain that having the kids home all day long has it's own share of troubles but today I truly wish there was another way to get kids off to school.

When will someone make a real teleporter? Now that's an invention that the world really needs.


trashalou said...

teleporter vs. homeschooling? Hmmmmmmmm.

km said...

I am not a morning person. That's one of the reasons I HS. I would be still in my jammies dropping kids off every morning. My kids must have gotten the morning thing from their dad though. They're up and dressed and fed by 8...and ready to scurry out the door if we have MOPS or a trip to the library. Me...still on the 2nd cup of coffee and trying to wake up.

Yarnhog said...

Nope. No amount of hassle could ever be worse than having them home all day, every day. Nope, nope, nope. Need I remind you of the firestorms?