Saturday, December 8, 2007


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! When I was a little girl we never had lights or out- door decorations at Christmas. It wasn't as common as it is now to put up lights. Well my family didn't even put up lights. I've put lights on my house for many years but never gone the next step and really punched up the idea - until last year. Maybe it was the neighbors enthusiasm that spurred my spirit or simply that I finally got my act together but I put up lights on the house, around the yard, the garage door, spiral lighted Christmas trees (5), wreaths with lights (of course) and a super big poinsettia plant (Costco, of course). Now that's a lot of decorations! Our utility bill goes up and we trip a circuit breaker at least 3 times - the microwave, dishwasher, washer, dryer and refrigerator are all on the same light - one nuked hot dog can cause us to go dark.
Nightly we go through a routine of plugging in all the lights - 3 outside the front door, three upstairs in the kids bedroom and three in the garage - I know there has got to be a better and easier way - maybe timers, but we haven't gotten to that level yet.

After we light the house I go outside and enjoy my work for just a few minutes - it's getting cold in S.D. almost 50 at night sometimes - Burr, that's cold for me. And then I go inside.

It's the neighbors who really get to enjoy the lights. And in the regard I want to send a collective thank you to all the people who spend time putting-up lights and decorating their houses. I know it takes time, money, creativity, energy and guts (climbing on a roof can be dangerous to your health, if you know what I mean).

Thank you for your spirit and generosity, the season wouldn't be the same without you.

Thanks for the festival of lights!!!

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