Friday, December 28, 2007

And the Winner is...

Well after many hours of careful deliberation and the assistance of Yarnhog and my son I was able to finally make a big decision - I ordered yarn. Now, I must pay my respects to all of you experienced knitters who routinely buy yarn. After my ordeal I can truly say that it is no small feat to buy yarn online. One has to jump through many hoops - and here begins my litany of complaints -

1. Yarn swatches are too small. Why can't I enlarge that 1" x 1" sample. Imagine the benefit of seeing a full screen size of yarn - now that's exciting!

2. All variegated yarns should have to have a picture of the yarn in a completed project. One can never know how the colors are going to play out. Will there be blotches, swirly whirls, or just plain yuck once they are knitted?

3. Why can't yarn be returned? If I can return underwear in an unopened package I see no reason why yarn stores can take returns.

4. After you have carefully made your selection and decided with all your heart to invest, one has to overcome the final challenge - Shipping. This has got to be the last great stand that all mail order company's take. They absolutely must charge a much as they can get away with for shipping. Because they know there is no turning back at this point - one has already wasted hours deliberating and studying, one must have the courage to pay $7, $8, or $12 for shipping. It's yarn how much can it weigh?

5. Now to all of you lucky, lucky knitters who can simply go to your favorite yarn store and actually see and touch and smell the yarn. Those of you who can actually compare yarns side by side in natural light or fluorescent. And who get to avoid paying shipping - count your blessings. All the rest of us need and I repeat Need to create a "Stash" - in other words our own store of yarn.

My final selection is Rowan's All Season Cotton #208 - Glad. It's a heavy worsted weight, it is machine washable and it was $2.99 a ball ( I refuse to use the word skein) however, I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I bought plain old blue yarn -

But it's very pretty yarn! And now since I ordered Friday night on a holiday weekend I need to wait for my lovely yarn to arrive.. and of course finish my sweater.

P.S. I bought it at Webs . They are having a sale.

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km said...

Good choice. I'd been deliberating, and I didn't know what to say. I thought I would tell you that my first sweater for me was out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I used 3 it cost me $11 for the Lutea Lace Shoulder Shell. I knit that in May I think.

I agree on the swatch size...but I'm sure that has to do with allowing images to load...I tend to forget that some people still have dial up.

For verigated...blotches, swirly whirls, or just plain yuck depend on a lot of factors, so what they show might not be your result. For example...something knit in the round will look different than something knit flat (back and forth). And then number of stitches matter. I knit my KP&S top in Universal Classic Worsted long print. So, then it makes nice 2 row stripes around the bodice. But, if I was using that yarn for a hat (smaller circumfrance than my waist), the stripes would be several more rows.

I haven't bought yarn on-line yet. Although, I received some as gifts this Christmas. I'm a bit suprised about the non-returnability. I guess that's why people destash their yarns on-line. At least with the Rowan Cotton you have...if you hate it for the sweater, I've seen facecloths made of this on other blogs.

And...Dana Point can't be that far from you. Sure it's not just a skip and a jump, but I visited a little yarn store there in December. I didn't buy anything, but that was because M told me to wait for Christmas. There's got to be others too. I hope you find one.

Nothing embarassing about plain blue. I'm a denimy kind of girl so that would probably be my pick too.

Oh...sorry for the long comment. Good luck with the sweater. I can't wait to see your progress.