Friday, November 30, 2007

Waiting Time

After reading my friends blog and her long wait time at the Dr's office I was all prepared to settled down for a good 45 minute wait at my appointment today. I've been hoping to have some time to knit away on the felted bag that I'm making which will replace the canvas bag that my husband brought home from an engineer trade show. I'm still wondering if an engineering trade show is as boring as I imagine. Anyway.... I barely sat down in the first waiting room (five stitches knitted) when the nurse calls me. I'm thinking great they're running on time, but no I want to knit. In waiting room 2 after I'm all snuggled-up in my extra large paper towel I retrieve my knitting and begin again. Not two minutes go by when someone knocks on the door and says, "Sorry for the wait, we're running behind today". I'm thinking Wow this place is great! Super thoughtful of them to tell me before I have to ask. Poway Women's Center you rock the Ob-Gyn world. So I start working my knit stitch. Concentrating on not throwing a stitch, Must pick-up stitches. Must work the continental. Have to break my bad habit. One row done. Yeah, Two rows done. I hear footsteps in the hall and voices. NO, don't come in now. No, I want to knit. I must knit. I have 35 more rows of super boring garter stitch to work and I must do it now while I'm "waiting. I planned for this.

In walks my wonderful Dr. Kohatsu who as I'm stashing my knitting away says, "Wait I've got to see what your working on". Cool. I now proceed to explain to her as if I know what I'm talking about, how to make a felted handbag. Very Cool. Great Dr. technique and style.

After my appointment I needed to have blood drawn. One of my all time least favorite things to ever do in the entire world. I would rather pick-up dog poop, clean the toilet or even egads, cook dinner than have anything done with a needle to my skin. But I'm a grown-up so.. I think maybe I'll have to "Wait" and I can get some knitting done. Okay. I sign in , grab a seat and start knitting. At this point I'm at pedal to the metal speed knitting - no fears it's a garter stitch on a felted bag, but no I barely knit five stitches and the nurse says, "Janet I'll take you right now"

At this point the usual queasy, nauseous, fear begins to run chills up my spine. Must look down at the floor. Must not see the needle. Without ever looking directly in the technicians eyes I try in my calmest voice to say, "I am not good at this, so I am hoping that your a real pro" I've used the line before with great success. I begin to take my calming breaths that I learned in Lamaze class that never helped me during labor. Close eyes, relax, imagine your happy place, breath in slowly count 1,2,3,4,5, breath out...

I am still wondering how this nurse was able to insert a needle into my skin and draw a vial of blood without me ever feeling it. When she said I'm done. I opened my eyes and said, "Thank you" Dear sweat wonderful nurse lady in Poway you deserve the Star of the Week because you are truly talented.

The most knitting I've accomplished today was in the carpool line at school. I thought I'd really be able to make progress today because it's raining and that means that everybody has to go through the carpool line so it's super slow. It hasn't rained in 6, 7 , maybe 8 months in San Diego so most people are totally confused about how to deal with this natural phenomenon. I'll probably run out of yarn. Yeah! But No wait some strange anti-knitting force must be at work because for some odd reason the cars moved steadily along, albeit at a snails pace, but they never stopped. Now I can' knit like that.

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Marti said...

Wow! Your write really well! I felt like I was in the Dr.'s office myself! Come on out here to Wyoming. Everything is slow. Lots of waiting (knitting) time......