Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Stormy and Me

Today I had the most incredible experience. I met a lady who has the exact same birthday as me. April 23, 1958. Her name is Stormy and she works at the 4S Ranch library. I knew about her since a couple weeks ago when I had to renew my library book for the reading club that I am in ( Thanks Tammy) Anyway I tried to renew online but couldn't so I called and Stormy answered. I explained that I had trouble with the online system and she said no problem she just needed my birthday. Well, I told her and then she said, "We have the same birthday" and I said, "Well, maybe the same day and month but not the same year" and she said, "no, the exact same day, April 23, 1958" She told me her name and when she worked and today I went to the library. I asked the lady at the counter (Stormy) where the returned books went and then I asked if Stormy was there and she said, "Are you April 23rd?" And I said, Yes it's me! We hugged and then she took me in the back and introduced me to her co-workers, "Hey everybody this is my sister" I explained that I have a blog and that I wanted to take a picture. So we went outside by the fountain. We plan to meet for lunch soon.
It is truly a very wonderful and strange feeling to meet someone who has your same birthday and when I think of the number of coincidences that had to occur it really amazes me.
1. I had to join the book club (Tammy has a online book club and we are reading, "The Robe"
2. I had to decide to get it from the library
3. The library had the book ( that's a really big surprise)
4. The 4S ranch library had the book
5. Stormy was working that day and answered the phone.
6. I had to have trouble with the online system
I feel wonderfully charged/energized to have met Stormy (Great name!) and I can't wait to learn more about her.


km said...

What a fun coinsidence. I cant wait to have time to type about The Robe. It's really spurred my thinking.

Angelika said...

Want another coinsidence? You sent a comment on my blog and the first thing I read is the birthday. Well, mine is April 23rd as well, just a different year. How funny.