Monday, November 26, 2007

A New Beginning

After knitting almost five and half feet of Isadora ( AKA "Tubey") I sewed the sleeves and discovered what I had always thought. It felt funny. It didn't fit right. Now, after spending so many days knitting ST st I was faced with the challenge of ripping out my work and starting over. I know many experienced knitters understand my angst. To stuffer the defeat of lost time and trouble. Unable to take the first yank I put the project aside and silently morned. I couldn't write during the obligatory black days. Those troubled days when life has no direction because there is no yarn on the needles and a confusion lingers. I didn't know what to write. I was sad.

Then I found a new pattern. A delightful fun pattern that was only One page, and I could read and understand all of the directions (almost). I liked the pattern, It was pretty and interesting and Me.
So thirty minutes later I had unraveled Isadora and began, Knit lace Border top - Yeah I know it needs a name.
The pattern is really neat because the bottom of the top and sleeves is lace knitting. Which means that you only have to suffer 32 rows of knitting lace. I knit the back and was so proud of myself -

I stared at it and smiled. I made that!! Yeah Me.
I finished the border and knitted some St st but got bored so I started knitting the front. I knit the first 25 rows perfectly but the last 6 had to be redone three times. The first time was completely wrong, the second time was half right and the last time was perfect. Then I lined up the front and back to discover that I had made a mistake. I Purled when I should have knit so the entire piece was backwards.
Yep I had to pull it out.

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marti said...

It looks good! I still haven't braved a big project like a sweater...all that frogging scares me.