Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I finished the front and had to line it up with the back to be sure that life was good and it matched. I am now fully into the, "appreciate the progress stage", besides I have to make a choice at this stage. Somehow I discovered that I have two 5.o circular needles so I just left the back on the needles and started the front with my second pair. Well, I need to put some stitches on a holder (like 30) and I don't like doing that so I need to finish the back, remove the needles and then work on the front. But I'm not done with the ,"appreciate the progress stage" that I go into so ...
Well I'm sure other knitters start a project, get into it and then for some odd reason go off on a tangent and start another project. I decided that the canvas bag my husband got at an engineering trade show that I use for my knitting had to be replaced. So I thought why not knit a cute felted bag. I found a great pattern - Lion Brand Felted toted #40647 but it is too small so I used the dimensions off another pattern and now I have to knit 86 rows of garter stitch just to complete the bottom - boring.
Now I have heard of "Outlaw knitters" a group who claim to knit everywhere - church, the beach, concerts well I can top that list - I knit at stop lights. Yep! That one at Pomerado and Twin Peaks has got to be 3 minutes long and I can finish two rows (almost). Only problem is that when the light turns green I find myself torn between finishing the stitch and moving forward.

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