Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taking care of Business

This weeks PSA is all about taking care of the details. If you see a mysterious crack on a beam that say might hold up your entire house have it checked out right away. Just call a termite company or two (if your in San Diego I can make a recommendation) and then schedule an appointment to have it repaired. I didn't have termites, I have dry rot damage which is a testimony to getting a good paint job. Of course the damage was on the highest most in accessible part of my roof.
Things you shouldn't do -
1. Don't let your husband try to convince you that he can do it by himself.
2. Don't wait nine months and have nightmares about your roof caving in during the middle of the night while it's raining.
3. Don't pretend it's not really a problem and that your seeing things.
Today I am smiling because -
1. I took care of business
2. I didn't let my husband try to kill himself in order to save some money
3. I will sleep well tonight ( as good as any insomniac)
If you have lived in your house for more than two years, call a termite company for a free inspection. Termites once they have established residence can travel upto a foot a year. If they find some good tastey wood they don't move around much, so you can usually just have that spot treated. In the end it will cost you a lot less to have it done today.

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patrice said...

Hi - I came here from Yarnhog's blog. I am in the San Diego area and would dearly love termite company recommendations. We're ready to do the circus tent thing, I think, since we have lived here ten years and never had anything done to the house. Do you think there are termites in Poway? By the way, great picture of your family and what is it with 14-yr old boys and never smiling for the camera? If you have the termite answer, my e-mail is
Thanks so much,