Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Learning Curve

When my son saw me knitting with my new double pointed needles
he said, " Mom I don't think you have the experience points to use those weapons". 12 year olds often speak using gaming language. I laughed at the time but I'm not anymore. I have a new appreciation for all you knitters who can knit in the round with double pointed needles. I now know how very complicated it is to try to knit around all those needles, not get your yarn tangled up and not drop a stitch (which is death to the project because I can't pick-up a dropped stitch. I tried Knit Picks tutorial but ... I can't do it) I have spent a week trying, desperately trying to master the technique but - I GIVE UP.
I have unraveled my knitting so many times that I can't imagine that I will ever be able to make a sleeve - and then I have to knit the other sleeve. So, I have resorted to two things -

1. I will knit the sleeve and then sew the seams. I don't know why avoiding seams is such a big deal ( I hope I don't find out later what a mistake I made).

2. I will rename "Tubey" because it is no longer a series of three tubes.

Now I am struggling to find an appropriate name. I don't want it to be project #2 or "B". It needs to be a strong name, but not typical. A pretty name, but not too cutesy. An easy to pronounce name, but not boring. Throwing all that criteria into the bag and giving this the full two minutes of time that it deserves...

From this day forward "Tubey" shall be named, Isadora. As in, Isadora Duncan the famous modern dancer who rejected traditional ballet because she needed to break the rules in order to express herself.

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