Monday, October 15, 2007

The Butterworth Dance Company

It was a special treat to have a night out with my daughter and we went to what she thought was the ballet. She is taking a ballet class and her teacher -Travis Butterworth urged everyone to go see his show and so we went. The California Center for Arts in Escondido is only a short trip from my house but when the house lights went down I was visually, mentally and emotionally transported miles and miles away. It was as if my spirit had been reawaken from a very deep sleep. I watched the young dancers move across the black stage infused by the bright lights and energized with music. Fun music that I have never heard; opera, rap, disco, and folk it was all there and the dancers moved their bodies in ways that were definitely not ballet. Beautifully bending and posing to the notes with athletic like bodies and costumes that swayed with their movements. I loved it. I remembered the countless hours I spent in ballet class, practising plies and jetes. I longed to escape once more into the practise hall with my leotards, tights and slippers. I would turn the music up high and let my spirit be the choreographer. But those days are gone and tonight was a chance to appreciate dance. During intermission I wandered the foyer to examine the silent auction items. I usually never bid but tonight was different. I picked up the pen and wrote my name down and bid and ... I won.
I won five Belly dancing classes. I am still smiling and I can't wait to start my lessons.

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Lauren said...

Cool photos lady.