Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Today is a wonderful day. My house has been spared from the fire. A fire that destroyed 1300 homes and burned 300,000 acres. We were on mandatory evacuation orders for three days. Monday night we took shifts monitoring the news throughout the night. I had the 2am to 5am shift. Which is fine because I usually wake-up around 2'ish - but I don't usually watch T.V. I almost bought a steam mop, a revolutionary anti-aging cream and the red exercise chair fortunately my hands were too occupied with my knitting ("Isadora") so I never made it to the phone. Oh well I'll just have to wait until those goodies come to the dollar store.
After spending the night with the news I was sleepy but determined to find out about the status of my parents home. They left Sunday night and had heard from a neighbor that the tree in front of his house was on fire. I drove over to RB but had no luck getting past the barricades. Police cordoned off every possible road into the area. I then parked and found a group of people milling around the parking lot across from the barricades. I started asking questions. Everyone was so willing to talk. No one really knew anything about Oaks North the area where my parents live. I spent about 45 minutes talking and left with water and two brownies that Souplantation left for residents.
My house, patio, walkways and yard are covered in soot and dirt. I swept the patio today, thinking that I was pushing the ashes of someones home or favorite belonging into my dust pan. The story is so sad. I thank God that we were spared, this time. I have big plans for next time. There will be another fire and I am going to ready. For now I am extremely thankful to have a house, a bed, a car and friends and family.


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