Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire in San Diego

This is a picture of my backyard. Beyond the pergola there are stairs that lead upto the top of the yard and the mountain. As you can see the sky is smoky.

Yesterday a fire started in Ramona (an area about 10 miles from my home) and because of the dry air, high winds (Santa Anna) and dry brush, the fire has spread rapidly and burned all night and all day. At 10 o'clock last night we got a call from the school announcing that it would be closed on Monday. In San Diego the kids don't have snow days they have fire days. They are home making gas masks out of water bottles, paper towels and rubber bands.

They actually work!
At about 9am this morning we got an automated call from the CDF that we should prepare to be evacuated. We loaded the car but we haven't left. It's an horrible feeling to be in limbo and completely helpless. Then again those are the components of most of lifes days.
There is absolutely nothing that I can do, except Pray. Dear God please stop the wind now.

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