Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fire Damage

As I continue to clean and unpack my house from the fire I have uncovered some distrubing damage to my house.

1. Last night as I was knitting I began to feel a throbbing pain in my right hand. Although I ignored the voice of pain for an hour longer, believing that I only had a few more rows to finish in order to finally complete the sleeves, I knew that something was very wrong. When I did put away my knitting my hand still hurt. I didn't think it was possible to have a knitting injury. Knitting isn't a dangerous craft - although those double pointed needles do look like medieval weapons. Knitting was fun, knitting was enjoyable, knitting for three hours straight was painful. Yes it was true I had managed to steal away for 3 hours and knit. This is not normally possible. I am in big demand at my house. Many, many important calls to answer (Mom I'm hungry and Mom I'm bored) many, many important things to do (dishes, laundry, shopping blahblahblahhhh) and many, many important appointments (take Brian to the dentist, pick-up carpool, help in classroom). How could I have possible been able to knit for 3 hours? My only conclusion was it was because of the fire. Since I couldn't get outside I have been stuck inside my house and in my sadness I had turned to knitting for comfort. The fire had caused my knitting injury.

2. Earlier that same day I was sorting some cans in my pantry when I came across the bag of Halloween candy. I bought a bag of candy at Costco two weeks ago. 150 pieces of candy; snickers, almond joy, twix, hersheys, peanut M&M's (the good stuff) and now I could only find maybe 30 pieces left. How could this have possibly happened, especially since I have a very strict policy about not opening the bag of candy until Halloween. My children did not know where the candy stash had been hidden, so I could only conclude that somehow I had managed to eat 120 pcs ?? of candy (they were bite size). Again my mind raced to the fire as the true cause of the missing candy. Since I could not get out of the house and go anywhere I had in my sadness turned to candy for comfort. The Halloween candy was gone because of the fire.

Although many of these conclusions may not seem viable to the ordinary person I feel completely comfortable with them. The lesson to be learned is; If you can't go anywhere don't have candy or yarn in your house. Well maybe don't have a lot of candy or yarn in your house. Or maybe have a fire alarm go off when you knit too much or eat too much candy. Yeah that's the moral; always check your fire alarm to be sure it's working.

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Yarnhog said...

You ate the whole bag?! I bought one of those bags. It is not possible for one person to eat the whole bag and survive! Are you sure you don't have mice?