Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I finally managed to go out with cable sweater again and it was as good as the day we first met. But this wasn't knitting it was sewing and I didn't know what I was doing - it's my first time!!! Thank you Knit Picks for the wonderful step-by-step details on the mattress stitch. I finished seaming the sweater. Then I did a single crochet (twice because the first time was too tight) around the sleaves and the neck and now modeling her first wearable knitted vest.....

But is it really done? Look closer... See all the strings ... Yes it's true I still have to weave all the threads in.

But I couldn't wait to see if it fit (A gauge is only a gauge, you never really know until it's done) And, what it looked like, especially since I was beginning to think it should be used as a rag. And now that I've entered this pseudo finished stage I wonder how many knitters out there wear almost finished projects (I call them AFO'S but I think they are really WIP's). All you have to do is carefully tuck in the strings and your good. No Problem. Or is it like those tags at the back of shirts that almost always seem to be sticking out no matter how carefully we tuck them under. Will the strings resurface and tease people to pull on them? Will people begin to think that I am unraveling?, I mean my sweater.
Why are there so many strings? The vest has two side seams and two shoulder seams but I think I count 16 strings. Is this common? Weaving in threads is really tedious work. I am a new knitter but I can easily see a business opportunity for those who love to weave. Kinda like companies that do quilting for quilters. Or do I just find a local knitting pal who say doesn't like to sew but loves to weave????
I promise to finish weaving the threads. But I hear that it takes a long time and I'm really anxious to cast on my new silky blue yarn and break in my first circular needles. ARRG
Things I learned knitting this project -
1. Knitters are perfectionist. Re-doing, taking out, and starting over until it's right no matter how many times it takes is common practise.
2. It's a lot more fun to start a project then it is to finish it.
Ironically, I finished my sweater on a day when it's 85 degrees in San Diego.

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Yarnhog said...

It looks great! I especially like it with that outfit. Get yourself a tapestry needle and a good movie and start weaving. You can't start the blue sweater until you finish. Remember the curse!