Monday, October 8, 2007


New yarn and a new day. Today I began work on "Tubey". I have learned that projects have names. Cable sweater was actually called, "Boogie". Evidently I don't pick projects with very pretty names.
The first step is a provisional cast-on. It seems so simple to make a single crochet chain and then knit a row into it. I can do that. The hard part is being able to pull the chain out from the knitted stitches. They don't come out; the first time or the second or the third. I tried a bigger crochet hook, thinking that the stitches were too tight - that didn't work and I think I would have thrown off the gauge if I had continued. My instructions said, "Using waste yarn..." not knowing exactly what that was I used the same thread. I'm very happy I took that thread out because it would have been a nightmare to try to separate the crochet from the knit. I then remembered my dear friends, Knit Picks, and followed their tutorial, using a contrasting thread (that's actually what waste thread means - contrasting)and the result is that I can see the cast-on from the knit stitches, but I still can't separate the stitches. Everytime I try to pull the thread it gets stuck and knots. At this point I yearn for the knitting fairy (aka Yarnhog) but she has a big deadline for Icarus - nice name. There has got to be a better way!!
Well the virtual knitting fairy came to the rescue (yes that's the yarnhog) her post about provisional cast-on's gave me the details and pictures to try another way. I worked that method for over an hour and it works, sorta of. The cast-on does easily pull out but the knitted stitches on it were too loose for me so I resorted to the single crochet chain. I may hate myself later but in the mean time,
here's "Tubey"

Notice the circular needles. I'm moving up.

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