Monday, October 8, 2007

Andrew's New Smile

Teenagers don't usually smile very much. More often than not they moan and groan, mumble and sneer, but Andrew my fourteen year old is smiling to show off his new teeth without braces. Today we went to the dentist and Andrew Got His Braces Off!!!
I think they look great but then again I have paid the price for those straight teeth to the tune of $2500 and countless trips to the dentist. Unlike most Mothers who just sit in the waiting room I joined my son in a nearby chair to have my braces adjusted during most of his visits. I have braces too. Andrew and I got braces at about the same time, only he needed a special expander appliance installed on the roof of his mouth. I got a six week head start but my progress has been slower because I had four teeth pulled. Andrew made steady progress and in just about 26 months he now has perfectly straight teeth. I still have braces on and the dentist can't even make a guess when I'll be ready. I have stubborn teeth (I should have guessed) and they move slow.
Andrew has been enjoying his freedom. He loves to slide his tongue across his teeth and look at them in the mirror. Today at the dinner table he explained how much more room he has in his month now that the braces are gone. He has also enjoyed teasing both me and his brother who also has braces(we got the family plan for three members) His favorite taunt is to smile really wide and ask me to tell him if I can see anything stuck in between his teeth. Ha Ha.
Congratulations Andrew I am very happy for you. You will soon forget the agony of the braces but you'll enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile for the rest of your life and you can thank me for that.

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