Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back-to-School Bliss

Today is Sept 4th, the day after one of the hottest labor days I can ever remember in San Diego. At least 100 degrees and high humidity made out door activities unbearable.
It's probably 95 today but I will take every minus I can get. We don't have air-conditioning and my house is crazy hot. Even with new double-pane windows, shade cloth covering the sky-lights, fans running day and night and our window air-conditioner we haven't been able to escape the heat. You are not supposed to need air-conditioning in San Diego.
Last night I slept on an air mattress down stairs!
Heat issues aside the real news of today is it means that my three boys (14,12 & 7) are BACK IN SCHOOL and it's for the whole day, not fake half days, but a real day of school. I am actually able to think in complete sentences and write without being interrupted, I had a conversation on the phone and was able to listen, I was able to work in my office all by myself. The TV hasn't been turned on!!! I haven't heard anyone say, "MOM" or "Look at this". In a few minutes I will go to the office and have lunch. Life is great!!!

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