Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Real Estate Work

This is a picture of a stack of approximately 300 Chargers magnets. It took almost two hours to peel and stick my business card onto the top of the magnet and slip them into clear plastic door hangers. These are the ones that I have left. I have already passed out about 300 and I have about 200 that I am trying to sell to other agents in my office. You see I couldn't resist the offer, $20 for 100 Charger magnets - last seasons most frequently requested item. Magnets are a great marketing tool, they stay on someones refrigerator for the entire season, maybe longer and all that for only .25/day. So in my great enthusiasm I bought 800 hundred. I have now learned that 800 is way too many to market. I feel like I will never get rid of the magnets. I have walked for hours going door-to-door handing them out and I will probably spend a couple more days on this project. But now I have a new project so the Chargers will have to wait.

I have an Open House to hold this Sunday and it's my companies "Open House Extravaganza" and they're giving away an Apple Iphone. So, I need to do pre-advertising and walk the neighborhoods handing out door hangers. Well, the driveways in this neighborhood are all very, very, very long and the houses are very, very, very far apart. I walked for an hour and only handed out 30 door hangers. But I did it all with the dream that someone would come by and buy the house from me and then I would be able to pay my bills!!
All realtors have this dream - very, very, very few have them come true

Open House Update

Six people came to my open house, none from the door hangers that I passed out or from the advertising that my company did. One had their agent with them, one was a neighbor who was interested in what "they" had done to the house, one said he didn't like the house, and two were interested - they left their information.

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