Saturday, September 8, 2007

Holiday Time

Today while shoping at Costco (San Diego's warehouse store)I noticed that I could buy Halloween candy and costumes, pumpkin pie and Christmas toys and decorations.
Its Sept 8th and if I had been able to juggle my holiday spirit I could have done a slam dunk shopping spree and left with a smug smile on my face and the inner joy of having been able to escape the holiday mall madness. But I couldn't do it. I'm a traditionalist. To a point. I couldn't resist buying the biggest pumpkin pie I have ever seen for only $5.99. I browsed the toy aisle, admired the fall flowers and walked past the candy. Then I went home unloaded my car and laughed about my shopping experience while I had pumpkin pie for breakfast. Hey pumpkin is full of betacarotene and must be a lot better than any cereal.

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