Monday, September 24, 2007

FO's And NO's

This is a picture of my almost finished (AFO?) first wearable knitted projected. Since technically scarves don't count (I'll debate that issue later) this is quite a triumph for me, however it is not done. As I carefully enter the world of knitting I am beginning to understand a few anomalies.
1. FO's have a way of lingering just as they near completion. It is almost as if we deliberately choose not to end the project. Six weeks ago when I began this project - with the best yarn I have ever used and a well researched free pattern I was on fire to finish. I planned the time I could spend knitting even staying up late and sometimes in the middle of the night during my regular insomnia episode. I was so excited to finish the back and then to start the front and then to work a cable. It was fun!! Then just as I began to work off stiches and near the armhole I began to feel that I needed a new project and I started to work less on knitting and more on finding a new pattern and new yarn. All I need to do is sew the side seams and weave the threads in and yet I don't. In fact, I now have new yarn -
So my sweater lies wadded up in my knitting bag, lonely and broken hearted, wondering what went wrong with the relationship and if we will ever get back together again.
2. New objects (NO's?) need to "cure" awhile before they can be started. Like a fresh new canvas or shampooed carpet they cannot be touched until the time is right. I waited five days for the mailman to deliver the yarn, I quickly opened the box and stared at my new Love. I touched it and dreamed. But I can only think about our first date and how wonderful it will be to begin this new affair. I have to do the right thing and FO cable sweater.


Yarnhog said...

If you don't finish the Cable Sweater, it will jinx your next project. Trust me. I'm convinced that Sparkly went wrong solely because I cheated on Orange.

Lauren Palazzo said...

Don't worry about finishing it. I've never finished a knitting project. The joy comes from the making not the finishing.

Tammy said...

Yes, it is a deep abyss we knitters step into. Satisfaction is momentary and fleeting. Soon is never soon enough but the waiting is part of the excitement. Oy.

So have you finished it yet? Have you cast on for the new?

As for my hair, I think you're right. I just need to recruit a friend to apply the stuff so it's not all over the bathroom walls when I'm done.