Tuesday, September 18, 2007


As you can see something is missing in this picture. The TV is gone. See the dangling cords and equipment like organs on an operating table they have been left to hang, only there will be no transplant or repair. The operation is complete. It's been a difficult surgery to remove the TV from our house for two reasons. One the TV is firmly connected with both a power cord and DVD hook-up plus all the X-Boxes, Cubes or current gear. Two, they connect to children like leeches, which is why we no longer have a TV. All summer long I have been threatening to disconnect the TV and yesterday I finally did it. I feel like I have conquered a mighty foe. We are now a household without a TV.

The TV is sitting all alone in the office looking like a child in time-out.
The family is recovering nicely. The children are getting their homework done, my husband is completing his honey-do list, and I am happy to be free of the TV noise. I am imaging all the wonderful things that the kids will be doing instead of wasting away in front of the TV. The boys will probably want to start reading the classics, studying Latin or practising the piano. They might want to build science projects or paint pictures. Maybe they will want to do extra credit assignments for school or clean their room(maybe just their desk). But my dreams haven't come true. They spend most of their free time trying to figure out how to get the TV back.

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Lauren Palazzo said...

No TV...a righteous endeavor. Only the strong will survive.