Thursday, September 27, 2007

For Your Benefit

Last Thursday my cell phone suddenly died and when I took it into the Verizon store I learned a few things about phones and batteries that I didn't know. Later that same day I shared my story with a group at the gym who also didn't know this information. Therefore since my blogs original intention is, "to share" I post todays message as a "Public Service Announcement - PSA" with the hope that others will not suffer.
1. Batteries have approximately 500 charges.
2. Your phone contract is good for 2 years or 730 days.
3. You don't need to charge your phone everyday. Probably 2 or 3 times a week is enough, or you can check the bars on the display screen and charge when it gets to 1 bar.
4. You only need to charge for about two hours, not over night.
5. New batteries cost $35.00
6. When your phone battery dies and the phone at the same time you lose all of your contacts and information that has been stored.
7. The battery and phone will probably die when the store is closed and so you will imagine that the most important calls failed to make it to you.
8. Regular phones - work great.
I retrieved my phone yesterday and found that I had missed three calls. Two from my mother and one from my husband.

Monday, September 24, 2007

FO's And NO's

This is a picture of my almost finished (AFO?) first wearable knitted projected. Since technically scarves don't count (I'll debate that issue later) this is quite a triumph for me, however it is not done. As I carefully enter the world of knitting I am beginning to understand a few anomalies.
1. FO's have a way of lingering just as they near completion. It is almost as if we deliberately choose not to end the project. Six weeks ago when I began this project - with the best yarn I have ever used and a well researched free pattern I was on fire to finish. I planned the time I could spend knitting even staying up late and sometimes in the middle of the night during my regular insomnia episode. I was so excited to finish the back and then to start the front and then to work a cable. It was fun!! Then just as I began to work off stiches and near the armhole I began to feel that I needed a new project and I started to work less on knitting and more on finding a new pattern and new yarn. All I need to do is sew the side seams and weave the threads in and yet I don't. In fact, I now have new yarn -
So my sweater lies wadded up in my knitting bag, lonely and broken hearted, wondering what went wrong with the relationship and if we will ever get back together again.
2. New objects (NO's?) need to "cure" awhile before they can be started. Like a fresh new canvas or shampooed carpet they cannot be touched until the time is right. I waited five days for the mailman to deliver the yarn, I quickly opened the box and stared at my new Love. I touched it and dreamed. But I can only think about our first date and how wonderful it will be to begin this new affair. I have to do the right thing and FO cable sweater.

The Last Lecture

Today I read an article about a professor who gave his "last lecture" to his class at Carnegie Mellon University. Professors actually do this all the time with the intention of getting students to think about what they want to do with their lives. This teacher's speech took on a deeper meaning because he has pancreatic cancer and has been given only a few months to live. Read the article at -

He said a few things that made me think about my life -

1. "Brick walls are there for a reason. They let us prove how badly we want things."

2. He encouraged us to be patient with others. "Wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you."

3. His last words in his last lecture were simple: "This was for my kids."

The irony of these three statements is that even though they stand alone as profound and thought provoking they can also be intermingled and combined. For example,
~ The person you may have been waiting for could be your kid who often acts like a brick wall.
~ If you wait long enough it is usually your kids who will surprise you, especially if they are currently teenagers.
~ Brick walls don't go away no matter how long you wait.

I'm still thinking about what I would share if it were my last speech(blog). Would it be humorous like,
Always speel check it's the best way to make you look good.
Lifes too short, knit all day.
Or would I try to be profound with -
Capture today with your heart and your smile, and you'll live a long while.
No that sounds funny too.
How about,
"Life's as hard or complicated as you make it",
"All hills can be climbed, one step at a time"
"Try to be thankful for everything and everyone".
What would you say?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Real Estate Work

This is a picture of a stack of approximately 300 Chargers magnets. It took almost two hours to peel and stick my business card onto the top of the magnet and slip them into clear plastic door hangers. These are the ones that I have left. I have already passed out about 300 and I have about 200 that I am trying to sell to other agents in my office. You see I couldn't resist the offer, $20 for 100 Charger magnets - last seasons most frequently requested item. Magnets are a great marketing tool, they stay on someones refrigerator for the entire season, maybe longer and all that for only .25/day. So in my great enthusiasm I bought 800 hundred. I have now learned that 800 is way too many to market. I feel like I will never get rid of the magnets. I have walked for hours going door-to-door handing them out and I will probably spend a couple more days on this project. But now I have a new project so the Chargers will have to wait.

I have an Open House to hold this Sunday and it's my companies "Open House Extravaganza" and they're giving away an Apple Iphone. So, I need to do pre-advertising and walk the neighborhoods handing out door hangers. Well, the driveways in this neighborhood are all very, very, very long and the houses are very, very, very far apart. I walked for an hour and only handed out 30 door hangers. But I did it all with the dream that someone would come by and buy the house from me and then I would be able to pay my bills!!
All realtors have this dream - very, very, very few have them come true

Open House Update

Six people came to my open house, none from the door hangers that I passed out or from the advertising that my company did. One had their agent with them, one was a neighbor who was interested in what "they" had done to the house, one said he didn't like the house, and two were interested - they left their information.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


As you can see something is missing in this picture. The TV is gone. See the dangling cords and equipment like organs on an operating table they have been left to hang, only there will be no transplant or repair. The operation is complete. It's been a difficult surgery to remove the TV from our house for two reasons. One the TV is firmly connected with both a power cord and DVD hook-up plus all the X-Boxes, Cubes or current gear. Two, they connect to children like leeches, which is why we no longer have a TV. All summer long I have been threatening to disconnect the TV and yesterday I finally did it. I feel like I have conquered a mighty foe. We are now a household without a TV.

The TV is sitting all alone in the office looking like a child in time-out.
The family is recovering nicely. The children are getting their homework done, my husband is completing his honey-do list, and I am happy to be free of the TV noise. I am imaging all the wonderful things that the kids will be doing instead of wasting away in front of the TV. The boys will probably want to start reading the classics, studying Latin or practising the piano. They might want to build science projects or paint pictures. Maybe they will want to do extra credit assignments for school or clean their room(maybe just their desk). But my dreams haven't come true. They spend most of their free time trying to figure out how to get the TV back.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Well they say that a picture is worth a thousand words and never has that been clearer to me than lately. I had to get my picture taken for my business card. I'm a Realtor and I have to have my picture on just about everything, cards, letters, website, newsletters, notepads, magnets you name it and I have a picture of me on it.
I don't like to have my picture taken so in order to prepare I had my make-up done at the mall and carefully washed and curled my hair. I found the best photographer that I could (the only one my manager recommended) and asked for advise on what I should wear. I wanted to look friendly, smart and approachable. My only request was that I didn't want my braces to show, so I tried not to smile but in the end I smiled a lot and after twenty minutes and thirty or forty pictures I found two that were pretty good. I was happy.
Well the picture is really good, maybe too good because I get a lot of comments like, "Wow that's a great picture and you should keep that picture forever", or "That picture looks like you when you were younger" or " I didn't even recognize you". Well I finally asked the photographer, "hey did you spend hours airbrushing all the flaws off my picture?" I was so happy to hear that NO If fact all she did was whiten my teeth. Yep that picture is me on a good day with good lighting.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Holiday Time

Today while shoping at Costco (San Diego's warehouse store)I noticed that I could buy Halloween candy and costumes, pumpkin pie and Christmas toys and decorations.
Its Sept 8th and if I had been able to juggle my holiday spirit I could have done a slam dunk shopping spree and left with a smug smile on my face and the inner joy of having been able to escape the holiday mall madness. But I couldn't do it. I'm a traditionalist. To a point. I couldn't resist buying the biggest pumpkin pie I have ever seen for only $5.99. I browsed the toy aisle, admired the fall flowers and walked past the candy. Then I went home unloaded my car and laughed about my shopping experience while I had pumpkin pie for breakfast. Hey pumpkin is full of betacarotene and must be a lot better than any cereal.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back-to-School Bliss

Today is Sept 4th, the day after one of the hottest labor days I can ever remember in San Diego. At least 100 degrees and high humidity made out door activities unbearable.
It's probably 95 today but I will take every minus I can get. We don't have air-conditioning and my house is crazy hot. Even with new double-pane windows, shade cloth covering the sky-lights, fans running day and night and our window air-conditioner we haven't been able to escape the heat. You are not supposed to need air-conditioning in San Diego.
Last night I slept on an air mattress down stairs!
Heat issues aside the real news of today is it means that my three boys (14,12 & 7) are BACK IN SCHOOL and it's for the whole day, not fake half days, but a real day of school. I am actually able to think in complete sentences and write without being interrupted, I had a conversation on the phone and was able to listen, I was able to work in my office all by myself. The TV hasn't been turned on!!! I haven't heard anyone say, "MOM" or "Look at this". In a few minutes I will go to the office and have lunch. Life is great!!!